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Rubbermaid Heavy-D Ergo Utility Cart Medi Black

Rubbermaid Heavy-Duty Ergo Utility Cart - Medium – Black Crafted from durable industrial-strength structural foam that resists dents, chips and peeling, the Rubbermaid Heavy-Duty Ergo Utility Cart stands as a reliable and adaptable solution for transporting materials, supplies or hefty loads while safeguarding workers from potential injuries. Its design incorporates rounded corners to shield furniture, doors, and walls, coupled with a lightweight construction and non-marking swivel casters that ensure floor protection and exceptional manoeuvrability. With moulded-in storage compartments, holsters and hooks, this cart offers ample space for equipment and supplies, while a lipped shelf prevents items from falling during transit. Ideal for plumbers, electricians, builders, carpenters and more, the Rubbermaid Heavy-Duty Ergo Utility Cart proves to be an essential accessory for various professions. Features and Benefits Resilient polypropylene structural foam construction resists chips, dents, and peeling, ensuring durability under rigorous treatment Rounded corners safeguard furniture, walls, and doorways from potential damage in the event of accidental collisions The ergonomically designed push handle ensures optimum hand positioning, enhancing control and promoting worker safety Lipped shelves prevent items from rolling onto the floor during transit, reducing material loss The top shelf features a V-shaped notch, providing a convenient space for the placement of piping or rods for cutting Tool and accessory hooks, holsters and compartments offer easily accessible storage solutions for essential equipment Equipped with four large 12.7cm casters (2 swivel; 2 fixed) that not only protect flooring but also enhance manoeuvrability in tight spaces Two locking casters, compliant with EN-1757-3 standards, secure the cart and prevent unwanted movement during use Quick and straightforward assembly facilitated by universal upright supports that can be utilised in any of the four corners The wire-spool-ready leg design allows workers to customise their configuration based on individual needs Capable of carrying a maximum load of 226kg, ensuring reliable transportation of heavy loads Specifications Max. Load Capacity: 226kg Dimensions: W64.14 x H99.06 x D111.76cm Material: Polypropylene Old SKU: FG452058BLA
SKU: FG450088BLA
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