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Housekeeping Chemicals

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Powerful, alkaline stripper for removing polish and maintenance films from alkali resistant hard floors. High alkaline stripper Fast acting Low foaming Quick and effective removal of floor polish emulsions from alkali-resistant hard floors such as PVC, vinyl, stone, etc. Powerful dissolution of heaviest build up as well as tough soil removal Low odour in use
Clax Oxy is a laundry destainer specially formulated for use in commercial, healthcare and on premise laundries. The product can be used for all types of fabric, except wool and nylon (polyamide) and should be applied in the main wash at temperatures between 70 and 90°C. Clax Oxy is a well-stabilised powder laundry destainer, based on percarbonate, alkaline salts and bleach stabilising agents. Dissolution of percarbonate will lead to formation of hydrogen peroxide. This product can be applied on all types of fabric (except wool and nylon), including coloured articles, at 70-90°C. The presence of bleach stabilising agents and usage according to user instructions will result in minimal fabric damage and colour fading. Please note that this type of bleach should not be applied on bloodstains. These stains will set when in contact with peroxide and as a result, will be hard to remove. Therefore it is strongly advised to avoid any contact with peroxide during the initial phase of the wash (t = 0-7 minutes). Fabric with bloodstains should be treated with an enzymatic product in the pre-wash. Excellent destainer for all types of fabric, including coloureds. Results in minimal fabric damage when used according to user instructions.
Concentrated cleaner for the daily toilet bowl and urinal cleaning. To be used only with Divermite/DQFM dosing and dilution system. Citric acid-based formulation Light, delicate and fresh fragrance Uses unique and environmental friendly pouch technology Fulfills the criteria of the EU-Ecolabel scheme Appropriate for daily use. Effectively removes stains and deposits from toilet bowls and urinals. Regular use hinders lime scale built-up. Handy squeezable bottle with directional spout for fast and easy application. Colour and alphanumeric coded to prevent application mistakes.
Formulated to effectively seal all types of porous floor prior to application of an emulsion polish. By acting as a protective barrier, conventional floor polish can be safely laid over-top to improve floor appearance and longevity. The perfect choice for any vinyl, linoleum, marble, terrazo and stone floor.
Specialist kit for removing all types of fabric stains. Must not be used without clear instructions/training to avoid fabric damage. 70A2 1pc Important note, after stains are loosened by the chemicals, the fabrics should be cleaned as soon as possible to avoid the stain settling back into the fabric.
Concentrated cleaner for the cleaning of all water resistant hard surfaces. To be used only with Divermite/DQFM dosing and dilution system. Formulated for the cleaning or hard, water-resistant surfaces Slightly alkaline Non-abrasive Light, delicate and fresh fragrance Uses unique and environmental friendly pouch technology Fulfills the criteria of the EU-Ecolabel scheme Leaves surfaces thoroughly clean. Quickly and gently removes oily and water-soluble residues. Leaves a pleasant scent behind. Colour and alphanumeric coded to prevent application mistakes.
Durable water based acrylic/styrene polymer emulsion floor finish. Unique triple polymer technology from Diversey 22% solids Optimal blend of polymers, waxes resins and film formation ingredients Superior application properties and film formation. Provides long lasting high gloss protection. Excellent resistance to scuffs, marks and dirt. Reduced maintenance costs
Clax Mild is a complete enzymatic liquid mainwash detergent specially formulated for use in commercial, hospital and on premise laundries. The product has been designed for automatic and manual dosing and can be applied in medium to hard water, at 30 – 60 ˚C. Clax Mild is suitable for washing all (coloured) cotton and polycotton fabrics. Clax Mild is a low alkaline, mild product, based on an effective blend of surfactants, water hardness sequestrants, anti-greying agents and enzymes. The effective building system ensures low water hardness ion concentration and consequently prevents precipitation of detergent components. The product also contains anti-greying agents which keep soil particles in suspension (prevents re-deposition). Clax Mild has been formulated with a blend of surfactants ensuring good particulate and fatty/oily soil removal. The presence of proteolytic enzymes leads to protein degradation, thus facilitating efficient targeted removal of proteinaceous soil such as blood and food stains. Clax Mild is mainly used as a single shot mainwash detergent. However, it may also be applied in conjunction with an alkali booster (for heavily soiled fabric) or with a bleach / disinfectant. Clax Mild is used for cleaning (coloured) fabric from hospitals and other healthcare establishments, hotels and restaurants. In addition this product is suitable for washing microfiber mops and cloths and other delicates. Excellent performance on a wide range of stains and types of soil. Prevents greying of linen: stabilisation of soil particles in the wash liquor. Very effective on proteinaceous soil (e.g. blood and food stains). Suitable for washing delicates and coloureds. Safe to use on microfiber cloths and mops.
Polymer based floor maintainer. Provides a durable film that builds up a good gloss level. In parallel, the detergent content ensures good cleaning performance. Perfect combination of polymers, waxes and detergents Produces a dry-bright, wear-resistant protective film Versatile application The protective polymer film is fortified with each additional application Effective floor maintenance and film build up even in high traffic areas Creates a slip resistant surface Delivers a glossy protection, buffable for extra shine Can be used neat for protection and/or diluted for maintenance on all water resistant, hard floors Ideal for mop application but also suitable for use in scrubber drier Protective film builds up every application and eases the cleaning of the surface
Clax Sonril conc is a concentrated oxygen bleach suitable for bleaching whites and colourfast articles. Clax Sonril conc is concentrated oxygen based bleach which should be applied at high temperatures, and can be used on colourfast linen. The product shows excellent residual stain removal during the washing process and is compatible with most main wash detergents. Also there is no need for an antichlor after the bleach step to neutralize the bleach. Excellent stain removal. Oxygen based bleach. Can be used on colourfast articles. No need for an antichlor.