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Floor cleaning chemicals

Detergents, strippers, undercoat, polish.

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Powerful, alkaline stripper for removing polish and maintenance films from alkali resistant hard floors. High alkaline stripper Fast acting Low foaming Quick and effective removal of floor polish emulsions from alkali-resistant hard floors such as PVC, vinyl, stone, etc. Powerful dissolution of heaviest build up as well as tough soil removal Low odour in use
Formulated to effectively seal all types of porous floor prior to application of an emulsion polish. By acting as a protective barrier, conventional floor polish can be safely laid over-top to improve floor appearance and longevity. The perfect choice for any vinyl, linoleum, marble, terrazo and stone floor.
Durable water based acrylic/styrene polymer emulsion floor finish. Unique triple polymer technology from Diversey 22% solids Optimal blend of polymers, waxes resins and film formation ingredients Superior application properties and film formation. Provides long lasting high gloss protection. Excellent resistance to scuffs, marks and dirt. Reduced maintenance costs
Polymer based floor maintainer. Provides a durable film that builds up a good gloss level. In parallel, the detergent content ensures good cleaning performance. Perfect combination of polymers, waxes and detergents Produces a dry-bright, wear-resistant protective film Versatile application The protective polymer film is fortified with each additional application Effective floor maintenance and film build up even in high traffic areas Creates a slip resistant surface Delivers a glossy protection, buffable for extra shine Can be used neat for protection and/or diluted for maintenance on all water resistant, hard floors Ideal for mop application but also suitable for use in scrubber drier Protective film builds up every application and eases the cleaning of the surface
Polish and maintainer all in one. Ideal for protecting and improving the appearance of any hard floor when there is only limited time available for such work. Its versatile formulation of detergent and polymer is guaranteed to save you time and money. • Protection and maintenance in one • Mop and bucket application • Polish and cleaner shiner
Low foaming daily cleaner for water-resistant hard floors and can be used for both manual and machine applications. pH-neutral Blend of different types of surfactants Incorporates O.N.T. Odor Neutralizing Technology Fast drying time Low foaming, fast acting Versatile application Suitable for all types of water resistant hard floors. Economical cleaning through effective performance at low dosages. Fast drying time without streaks. Contains Odor Neutralizing Technology which destroys malodour molecules,leaving a long lasting, fresh fragrance. Ideal for scrubber driers: low foaming for fast solution pick-up and optimalrecovery tank use. Also suitable for spray cleaning with single disc machines and manual cleaningwith a suitable wet mopping system.