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Hand soaps & Alcohol Gels

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Ready to use hand wash
- 100% biodegradable, fragrance and dye free, antimicrobial herbal hand soap SURE Antibac Hand Wash Free is derived from natural ingredients and is a perfume and dye free hand disinfectant soap that ensures the highest disinfection standards are achieved. Its tough action formula with proven skin mildness makes it a the perfect product for use in food preparation areas and anywhere where hygiene is a must. Meets EN1499, EN1276, EN14476. Cradle 2 Cradle certified. Cleans and disinfects hands in one easy step Contains plant based actives from renewable sources 100% biodegradable and decomposed by natural processes No environmental hazard classifications, no safety warnings for product in use for user Extensively proven skin mildness (ROAT, TEWL & Patch tests) No dye and or perfume Passes the latest BPR test requirements for hand disinfection Based on lactic acid, an organic based ingredient from natural sources that inhibits the growth of micro-organisms including bacteria, yeasts and fungi Passes EN test standards: EN1499, EN13727 and EN13624 (yeast only), EN1276 and EN1650, EN1650, and EN14476 against (Influenza A/H1N1) similar to the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
Tork Mildly Scented Liquid Soap S1: Provide care for normal and dry skin with this everyday hand wash. The Tork Mildly Scented Liquid Soap has a fresh scent plus moisturising and replenishing ingredients for a gentle hand washing experience. Save cleaning staff time with effortless refilling in less than 10 seconds (based on internal panel test soap refilling time). This refill is suitable for Tork Liquid & Spray Soap Dispensers, which are certified easy to use and provide good hand hygiene to all users. Advantages at a glance: + Moisturising ingredients + Fresh scent + Hygienic factory-sealed bottle with new pump for every refill + Collapsible bottle for 70% less waste volume (based on Essity test) + EU eco-certified Compatible with Tork S1 dispensers. This fresh-scented hand soap has a dermatologically tested formula, skin-friendly pH and lipid-replenishing ingredients, meaning it has a creamy lather and moisturises the skin. Save staff time with effortless refilling – certified by the Swedish Rheumatism Association, tested according to the Design for All test, published in the Swedish Design Research Journal, 2011. Help secure good hand hygiene – the factory-sealed bottle with a new pump for every refill helps reduce the risk of contamination and protect the formulations all the way to the hands. Reduce waste – the bottle is collapsible, leading to ?70% less waste volume (based on Essity test).
Ready to use hand sanitiser gel, 500ml pump bottle. 5 Litre also available.
Soft Care Fresh is a highly effective general handwashing product, suitable for application in a wide range of areas including restaurants, offices and schools. Soft Care Fresh is a visually appealing blue pearlised hand wash with skin moisturising properties. It’s gentle fragrance adds a pleasing fresh scent to the air, enhancing the washroom environment. Soft Care Fresh provides a good solution for areas where an in-budget, pleasant to use hand wash for daily use is required. It has been widely and successfully sold for many years. Excellent hand cleaning Surfactant system that removes dirt and fat Suitable for daily handwashing Pleasant refreshing fragrance Biodegradable and ethically sourced Blue dye and pearliser for an attractive cosmetic appearance Easy to rinse Economic Skin compatability tested (Patch test)
6 bottles per box. 1 ml each. Perfume Free fragrance. Premium quality. Color: Transparent. Compatible with S1 dispensers. Tork Fragrance-Free Hand Washing Liquid Soap S1/S11: Encourage great hand hygiene in busy food preparation areas with this effective liquid soap. The hand wash formula swiftly tackles fats and grease and is perfume and colour-free for a gentle feel on skin. Reduce the risk of cross-contamination, as each refill is sealed with a single-use pump. Combine with our easy-to-use Tork Liquid and Spray Soap Dispensers (S1/S11) – they can be refilled in less than 10 seconds for effortless maintenance. Advantages at a glance: + Sealed refill and single-use pump to cut cross-contamination risk + Perfume- and dye-free + Reduces the risk of allergic reactions + Dermatologically tested + Premium quality + 'Easy to use' certification for easy handling + Collapsible bottle reduces waste Compatible with Tork S1 dispensers. Effectively remove dirt, oil and grease from hands in kitchens and food preparation areas with this liquid soap. Be kind to skin, thanks to the perfume- and colour-free formula of this hand soap. Cut the risk of cross-contamination with the hygienic sealed soap refill and single-use pump. Reduce maintenance with intuitive dispenser refilling in less than 10 seconds and reduce waste with the collapsible bottle.
Compatible with the Intellicare system soaps and gels from Diversey. Manual dispenser for 1.3L soaps/gels.
The Tork mild foam soap nourishes all skin types. Tork Mild Foam Soap has a fresh fragrance and contains moisturising, nourishing ingredients and produces a rich and creamy foam for mild hand cleansing. Suitable for the Tork Foam Soap Dispensers that are easy to use and offer good hand hygiene to all users.
Compatible with the Intellicare system soaps and gels from Diversey. Manual dispenser for 1.3L soaps/gels.