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Vacuums & Floor Cleaning Machines

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Effective and robust machine. Ideal for wet scrubbing, stripping, buffing, spray cleaning, shampooing, wood treatment and crystallisation. Safe and ergonomic to use through closed handle. High electrical safety due to double insulation and double safety lock. General specifications Brand TASKI Net weight 38.9 Gross weight 44.8 https://taski.com/
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To be used for: - daily and intermediate cleaning - washed concrete, medium strength brush, for washrooms, kitchens, heavy duty internal cleaning. Brush is pre attched to the drive board. 11" or 280mm Use for scrubbing non-industrial areas, indoor only.
Brilliant replacement for mopping, superior performance with the convenience, ease, and simplicity of a mop. The TASKI swingo 250µicro is a real breakthrough in floor cleaning excellence. The swingo 250µicro is a brilliant replacement for mopping, delivering scrubber drier performance with the convenience, ease, and simplicity of a mop. Now everyone can achieve a professional floor cleaning result. More effective cleaning results TASKI scrubber driers remove up to 5 times more soilage than mopping. A combination of increased cleaning pressure and superior water recovery means floors are visibly cleaner when compared to a mopped floor. Superior cleaning pressure Up to 10 times cleaning pressure means mechanical cleaning is far superior to manual cleaning. Powerful and efficient digital motors ensure the swingo 250µicro quickly removes stubborn soilage in one pass. Test results show the use of Twister pads can improve results further and even restore neglected floors. Superior water pickup Even the best wet mopping systems leave an unsafe level of water residue. Wet floors mean high risk of slip fall. A powerful digital vacuum motor ensures up to 65% more soiled water is recovered. The swingo 250µicro’s curved squeegee ensures water is safely funneled centrally and vacuumed efficiently leaving floors safely clean and dry. Reduction in cleaning costs Mopping is a tiring and labour intensive method. With labour over 80% of total cleaning costs, the swingo 250µicro ’s time saving can reduce total cleaning costs by upto 80%. Water & chemical reduction The swingo 250µicro’s super efficient water distribution means that 6,500L of water and associated chemicals are saved every year. That’s a 80% reduction compared to mopping. The swingo 250µicro is not just a more efficient answer, it’s also a more sustainable solution. Safer & more ergonomic With its safe parking position, low handle weight and convenient transport mode the swingo 250µicro is so simple to use. The foot operated brush and squeegee levers means no bending over and the parking mode means the machine can be safely positioned if unattended. Robust powerful battery & motor technology With 2 x 80mins batteries and just 1hr recharge time continuous cleaning is now a reality. NX-LiIon battery technology delivers 2,500 cycles and combined with the latest maintenance free digital motors the swingo 250µicro will last longer and will have a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). 44 cm working width / 1320m²/hr productivity 140 rpm twin contra rotating brushes Fully adjustable water flow for +600 m²/tank 80 mins run time / 1 hr recharge time Small, compact with a great mix of productivity and water autonomy High mechanical scrubbing action for visibly cleaner results Excellent suction and easy to clean design for superior hygiene Powerful suction & perfect water pick up for drier, safer floors Digital motor & lithium battery technology for best in class autonomy Machine is supplied ready to use. Complete with 2x batteries + charger + 2x brushes RELATED 15RELATED 20 Disc drive 225mm 2x1pc Disc drive 225mm 2x1pc Brush 225mm 2x1pc Brush 225mm 2x1pc NX Charger 100-240V/50/60Hz 1pc NX Charger 100-240V/50/60Hz 1pc
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Truly versatile for use in all types of small or congested hard floor areas such as retail stores, kitchens, schools, and hospitals Intuitive controls and yellow maintenance points, operator training and maintenance time is reduced to a minimum Reliability & robustness. TASKI swingo 455 is very robust and durable and engineered to withstand he toughest cleaning tasks. The use of high-tech material and long life components, enhance the machines uptime, while reducing service and repair costs to a minimum. Great working width and increased tank volume
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Patented IntelliFlow system ensures the right amount of cleaning solution on the floor every time and leads to significant water savings All components needing frequent maintenance are colour-coded yellow and can be removed easily without tools Patented brush design follows the floor profile and delivers nearly even pressure allocation along the full working width 16 gallon (60 litre) tank volume increases productivity and reduces time-consuming tank filling stops during the cleaning operation Dashboard is self-explanatory and displays all required information. Item No. Title Variant Quantity 7516833 TASKI swingo 1255 B Power BMS UK 1 7523318 Battery Set TASKI swingo 1255 B BMS 1
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Productivity The combination of dual side brushes with a wide sweeping path of 900mm and extra-large 60L hopper leads to maximum performance. This machine is the perfect solution to quickly and easily sweep large areas. Tandem Roller System (TRS) The patented Tandem Roller System (TRS) with counter rotating brushes transports debris from one roller to the other and transports it upwards. Through a precisely defined guide plate above the roller intersection, dirt is hurled by the cooperation of rollers above and guided backwards into the dirt container. The side broom off-set to the right supports the work of the roller brushes by sweeping debris from edges and corners of the roller brushes. This delivers perfect sweeping results in a single pass. Flexibility The balimat 3300 is designed for indoor and outdoor use and allows cleaning on hard floors as well as carpet. Battery operation and brush assist make cleaning simple and allow greatest flexibility when it comes to sweeping. Easy and simple to use Operator training is not needed, the machine arrives ready to use. The side broom and roller brushes are fully adjustable without requiring special tools. The self-explaining icons and adjustable seat provide comfortable and ergonomic use and the foldable handle makes storage easy. 90cm working width 60 L hopper Theoretical performance of 3300 m²/h up to 3.5h battery autonomy Increased productivity due to extra-large hopper and wide working width Patented Tandem Roller System (TRS) gives you a perfect sweeping result on various floor types For indoor and outdoor use Increased productivity due to wide working width Simple to use whenever it’s needed
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Manoeuvrable and convenient. Easy to transport. Increases the lifetime of your carpets by removing ingrained soilage. General specifications Brand TASKI SKU configuration 1 pc Pack type traded unit Blank Length Traded Unit 400 Width Traded Unit 390 Height Traded Unit 630 Dimensions Unit of Measure mm Net weight 12.2 Gross weight 12.2 Weight unit of measure kg Pack type consumer unit Blank Logistical specifications Machine specifications Theoretical performance UoM m2/h Working width UoM cm Squeegee width UoM cm Solution tank size 10 Solution tank size UoM L Recovery tank size 10 Recovery tank size UoM L Wheel drive forward UoM km/h Cord length 10 Cord length UoM m Disc brush diameter UoM cm Brush rotation speed UoM rpm Air flow 41 Air flow UoM L/sec Noise level (EcoMode) 66 Noise level (EcoMode) UoM dB(A) Additional weight UoM [Item.ProductItem] kg Capacity in L L Warranty period (months) 12
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All-round flexibility and performance. Ease of transportation. Excellent deep cleaning. Easy movement between locations.
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High Performance - dual extraction & encapsulation application. Flexible application - can be set-up for deep cleaning or revitalising. Lower total cost of ownership - utilising interim cleaning will help to extend the time between deep cleaning activities keeping carpets looking better longer without extended dry times.
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Excellent suction performance. Increased productivity: high suction power & large container capacity increase the efficiency of operation. Robustness and durability:significantly prolonged service life. General specificationa Brand TASKI SKU configuration 1 pc Pack type traded unit Blank Length Traded Unit 565 Width Traded Unit 565 Height Traded Unit 655 Dimensions Unit of Measure mm Net weight 18.4 Gross weight 21 Weight unit of measure kg
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