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René 3 in1 Stainless Steel, Flexible Toilet Brush & Holder

At last, a toilet brush that works! Clean effortlessly around your toilet with its 3in1 flexible head reaching all areas. Designed with high-quality materials to be durable, hygienic and long lifespan. The holder is both freestanding and wall mountable by the self-adhesive pad. Unlike traditional toilet brushes, the brush head is made out of non-scratch silicone that makes it easy to clean, plus it won't harbour nasty smells. The brush head also won't lose its shape and can be reused repeatedly with perfect cleaning results every time. Rim cleaner: This convenient feature sticks up so that it can reach underneath the rim of the toilet bowl, an area that’s infamously hard to clean without getting uncomfortably hands-on. In silicone brushes, this often consists of a flexible top that can bend to fit those hard-to-reach spots. For bristle brushes, the rim cleaner typically juts out from the brush head at an angle.
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