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Odour & Air Care products

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Fits the Boru battery-operated dispenser. Choose from a range of fragrances. 243ml can, minimum 3000 sprays per recyclable aluminium can on 30-day setting (lasts longer on 45 day and 90 day setting – longer delay between sprays)
Battery operated, 3 spray interval options. Fits the Boru and Vision spray bottles code: air243
Non-aerosol spray for eliminating odour in fabrics and furnishings. Unique, patented technology alters malodour molecules Fast acting and long lasting freshness Effective against a wide variety of odours (tobacco, food, urine etc.) Safe on colourfast, washable fabrics/furnishings Effectively eliminates rather than masks odours Quickly leaves rooms and furnishings smelling fresh and clean Can be applied as part of normal cleaning routine Suitable for use in all areas and on most fabrics/furnishings Tested by independent laboratories for AirPlane cleaning
This 30 day air freshener system is specially designed for controlling odours in restrooms. It also works for controlling odours in other areas with adequate airflow. Fresh green apple fragrance Neutralizes malodours 30g fragrance per refill controls odours for at least 30 days Maintenance free and battery free dispenser Neutralizes malodors and leaves a pleasant fragrance. Intuitive design. Easy to use. No complicated programming or training needed. Trouble-free operation
Ideal for busy urinals, drains, healthcare, creches to counter hard to tackle odours. Neutralizer for elimination of most organic odours Formulated with natural enzyme cultures, odour counteractants Dual-action bacteria and odour counteractants eliminate odours at their source, e.g. eliminates odours in grouted washroom tiles and water / waterless urinals Unique, patented Odour Neutralizing Technology (O.N.T.) Versatile application Great odour eliminator for washroom, plumbing pipes, grease traps, and other areas. Excellent air deodorizing with ease. Leaves a pleasant, fresh fragrance. Combined with the Ekcos screen (30 or 60 days), this solution fits perfectly for the urinal (water or water free). Prevent blockage of water free urinal.