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IC Soft Care Dermasoft Barrier Cream 4x1.3L

Soft Care Dermasoft is a moisturising reconditioning lotion formulated to soothe and soften hands. It is also suitable for body wash application. Moisturising lotion formulated to soothe and soften hands which have been removed from their natural moisturisers and protective secretions through every day working and washing Suitable for body wash application, to actively moisturise the skin and prevent against further drying and cracking Supports the skin’s natural repair process by reconditioning the skin and making it soft. Healthy hands not only provide fewer cracks and crevices in which bacteria can hide, but by reducing the fear of causing skin problems through repeated work or hand washing, helps increase the rate of hand hygiene compliance. Rubs quickly and easily in to skin, leaving hands feeling extremely soft, with no greasy or sticky feeling residue Lanolin-free Biodegradable and ethically sourced Skin compatibility tested (Patch test) Safe and sustainable ingredients
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