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TASKI balimat 3300 1pc - Large walk-behind sweeper for big areas, can be used internally on hardwearing carpets.

Productivity The combination of dual side brushes with a wide sweeping path of 900mm and extra-large 60L hopper leads to maximum performance. This machine is the perfect solution to quickly and easily sweep large areas. Tandem Roller System (TRS) The patented Tandem Roller System (TRS) with counter rotating brushes transports debris from one roller to the other and transports it upwards. Through a precisely defined guide plate above the roller intersection, dirt is hurled by the cooperation of rollers above and guided backwards into the dirt container. The side broom off-set to the right supports the work of the roller brushes by sweeping debris from edges and corners of the roller brushes. This delivers perfect sweeping results in a single pass. Flexibility The balimat 3300 is designed for indoor and outdoor use and allows cleaning on hard floors as well as carpet. Battery operation and brush assist make cleaning simple and allow greatest flexibility when it comes to sweeping. Easy and simple to use Operator training is not needed, the machine arrives ready to use. The side broom and roller brushes are fully adjustable without requiring special tools. The self-explaining icons and adjustable seat provide comfortable and ergonomic use and the foldable handle makes storage easy. 90cm working width 60 L hopper Theoretical performance of 3300 m²/h up to 3.5h battery autonomy Increased productivity due to extra-large hopper and wide working width Patented Tandem Roller System (TRS) gives you a perfect sweeping result on various floor types For indoor and outdoor use Increased productivity due to wide working width Simple to use whenever it’s needed
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