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Premiere Products Clean & Buff Floor Maintainer 5L

Clean & Buff is a high-quality floor maintainer for routine spray buffing, mopping, and scrubber drying of hard floors particularly those treated with an emulsion polish. Its specialised blend of detergent and slip-resistant wax makes it a versatile floor maintainer. It cleans, polishes, and deodorises in one quick and easy application, helping to extend the life of your floor. Clean & Buff not only enhances gloss but maintains the quality of your finish and enhances the non-slip properties of the polish. Directions for use Spray diluted product onto floor surfaces and buff using a rotary machine until dry Or: use to damp mop floor surface, allow to dry then buff using a rotary machine Or: use through a scrubber drier and then buff using a rotary machine Dilution Rates Scrubber drier cleaning: 1:100 Regular mopping applications: 1:100 Initial mopping application: 1:20 Spray buffing: 1:20
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