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Leafware12oz /16oz / 20oz Sip LID White Compostable 1000

White Compostable, Sip-Thru Travel lids, designed for the 'coffee to go' market. Environmentally friendly fully compostable coffee cup lids made from PLA which compliment our compostable cups. Our lids are made from plant-based CPLA with a tight fit and sleek design.
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Our compostable double wall cups, are an ideal solution for serving all hot beverages including coffees, lattes, hot chocolates, and teas. It provides a heat-resistant barrier that prevents hands and fingers from burns and scalds. It is specially designed for patrons on-the-go. Not only it's visually appealing, it is an eco-friendly compostable cup which means it promotes the environmental awareness and effectively reduces the pollution to help making a sustainable planet.