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LAPE Collection Oriental Lemon Tea Hand Wash 8x0.3L - Oriental lemon tea fragranced hand wash

The LAPE Collection adds a touch of class to your guest washroom. Supplied in 300ml pump top bottles, the LAPĒ Collection’s subtle composition compliments any designer washroom and appeals to both men and women alike. LAPĒ’s oriental lemon tea hand wash enhances the washroom environment by releasing a gently refreshing fragrance in to the air whenever used. The formulation itself glides smoothly around hands, hydrating the skin as it washes with its moisturising complex and glycerine content. Customers will feel pampered by the luxury look, scent and feel of the LAPĒ Collection and will make a pleasant association between their guest experience and your establishment. The LAPĒ Collection’s oriental lemon tea hand wash can be positioned alongside LAPĒ’s oriental lemon tea hand lotion to complete your washroom offer and delight your customers. The LAPĒ Collection offers refill bottles of the oriental lemon tea fragranced hand wash meaning the 300ml pump top bottles can be easily topped up in situ and without mess. The refill option ensures the overall cost to you is kept low whilst your guests always see a full hand soap solution. And whilst our pump top bottles are 100% post consumer recycled plastic, refilling these bottles creates an even more environmentally sustainable solution. Oriental lemon tea fragrance Contains a formulated moisturising complex and glycerine pH-neutral Dermatologically tested Safe and sustainable ingredients, 100% micro plastics free formulation Biodegradable and ethically sourced Contemporary bottle design Refillable with 100% post consumer recycled plastic for 300 ml bottle, 50% post consumer recycled plastic for the 5L Can be partnered with LAPĒ’s oriental lemon tea hand lotion Single and double wall bracket available LAPĒ Collection’s experience can be extended across multiple customer touch points, e.g.: from hotel guestroom and washrooms to wellness/SPA areas Lockable wall brackets ensure the LAPĒ Collection remains where you install it; keeping your washroom tidy and ensuring your customers find the product when they need it. Fragrance release enhances the washing experience with every use The unique blend of ingredients gently moisturises the skin to leave it soft and well cared for PATCH testing has proven the LAPĒ Collection to have “very good” skin compatibility Being free from undesired ingredients such as phthalates, parabens and triclosan, the LAPĒ Collection truly cares for your skin. The classic style of the LAPĒ Collection suits any designer washroom, blending effortlessly with a wide range of décor. 100% post consumer recycled plastic bottles can have their sustainability profile increased through the use of the refill option. Refilling keeps your overall costs low, reduces waste and enables you to keep your washroom supplies always topped up and looking good. By offering a hand wash and hand lotion in the same oriental lemon tea scent you can create a complete washroom offer that makes your customers feel indulged and cared for.
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