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Lucart Professional Eco Natural toilet tissue system is a new generation of 100% ecological paper made from recycled beverage cartons, and are Ecolabel certified. The high quality of fibres guarantees excellent resistance and absorbency. The typical light Havana brown colour of the paper is due to the use of unbleached cellulose fibres, that therefore maintain the natural colour of wood. In this way large amounts of water, energy and chemical products are not required, reducing your carbon footprint. The L-One mini toilet tissue system dispenses one sheet of paper every time reducing your paper consumption by up to 45%. The Eco Natural mini is a 2ply toilet paper with a 57mm core. there are 12 rolls of 180meters per case and each roll is 900 sheets. Dispenser support is available on request. Eco Friendly Toilet Paper 100% recycled Reduces consumption by 45% Reduces costs Sleek & robust dispenser design Save paper, Save storage, Save money 12 roll x 180 m 2ply, 900 sheets per roll Dispenser support available
892980 Hygenius dispenser for Hygenius paper - code HYGENIUS