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Case of 200 bags 28″ Ideal for soiled laundry Place the whole bag into the machine The red strip dissolves during the wash to release laundry Safe for all types of washing machines
Horizon Bio provides exceptional stain removal. Prevents the greying of whites.
Low temperature destain liquid Kills bacteria including MRSA at 40°C, passing all requirements for EN1276 • Kills the spores of Clostridium difficile at 60°C, passing the requirements for EN13704
Horizon Deosoft Iris is suitable for application on most types of fabric and can be manually or auto-dosed. Multi layered fragrance adds a touch of luxury to your fabrics. Based on biodegradable cationics, quaternary ammonium salts.
Bio main wash detergent, for auto-dosed pump system. Horizon Light is a biological low-pH detergent. Excellent performance on a wide variety of stains and soils, suspends soil to prevent re-deposition and prevents greying.
Persil Disinfectant Plus Professional is an enzymatic phosphate free detergent for chemothermal disinfection that can be applied at all water hardnesses and is suitable for washing all white cotton and polycotton fabrics and colourfast articles. Thanks to its effective blend of surfactants, the product is excellent on a wide range of stains such as fatty/oily, blood and food stains. It contains a medium temperature bleaching system to preserve whiteness of linen and prevent greying. Moreover the water hardness sequestrants present in the formula prevents corrosion of machine parts. The product has strong disinfecting properties. Disinfects and removes tough stains at 40 °C Effective against wide range of stains such as fatty/oily, blood and food stains Preserves whiteness of linen and prevents greying thanks to its medium temperature bleaching system