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Soft bristles to gather fine dust and debris with ease Robust metal handle is strong and durable, with a comfortable grip Ideal for daily household sweeping Categories: Brushes & Heads, Brushes Complete, Brushes, Housewares & Gardening
Heavy-duty, highly alkaline floor cleaner for removal of animal or vegetable oil and fat. Ideal for restaurants, kitchens, food industry, etc. High alkalinity and good emulsifying power Non fragranced Low foaming, fast acting Versatile application Quick and thorough removal of animal/vegetable fat and oil Non tainting, suitable for kitchen/ food prep areas Ideal for use in scrub Also suitable for wet mopping and manual scrubbing methods Suitable to be disposed through oil separators
Easy Wash Flat Mop Kit The kit includes a touch-free mop frame, microfibre pad, and 15-litre bucket with wringer. (no handle) The handle code is: PHB Easy Wash is a compact microfibre flat mop system, which is a faster and more versatile way to clean small to medium areas than socket mops, including quick response cleaning and difficult areas such as staircases, skirting, and behind pipes. Weight: 1.17kg Capacity: 15L Size: 32x39x30cm